22 Dogs Rescued From Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse In China

22 Dogs Rescued From Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse In China

Animal saves motivate people to help voiceless animals by reporting animal cruelty. “If you see something, say something.”

A local activist in China complied with that easy directive and notified VShine, an animal rights group, about an illegal dog slaughterhouse. The tip combined with rescuers’ quick actions saved the lives of 22 dogs.

VShine dealt with local authorities to close down the operation and spent 17 hours rescuing all the canines. In a video shared by the Humane Society International (HSI) you can listen to the frightened canines barking and see them cowering in their cages as rescuers work to remove them from the property.

All the canines were transferred back to VShine’s shelter where they will certainly be looked after until forever homes are found.

They are getting all needed therapies and being showered with love and belly rubs.

HSI thanked fans, their partner VShine, and everybody involved in the rescue. They composed, “These saves are just possible because of supporters like you! Thank YOU for helping save lives.”

One fan commented, “They are completely starved of affection and kindness yet look at them, still so willing to trust. It’s heartbreaking how some people deal with animals. Thank goodness these dogs were rescued.”

The rescued dogs range in size and breed and some are likely taken pets.

HSI claims, “In many Asian nations, most of dogs killed are either family pets stolen from houses and gardens, roaming ‘community’ canines or strays taken from the streets.”

We hope they will certainly be rejoined with their families.

Unfortunately, millions of dogs are killed every year because of the cruel meat trade. HSI estimates that 10-20 million dogs are slaughtered in China alone.

We should be the voice for dogs and cats around the world and finish the cruel dog and cat meat trade.