23 Neglected Dogs Saved From Most Squalid Conditions Rescuers Have Ever Witnessed

23 Neglected Dogs Saved From Most Squalid Conditions Rescuers Have Ever Witnessed

Twenty-three abused, abused and abandoned dogs were rescued from squalor after getting a record of major animal cruelty and neglect.

The dogs were living at a home in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in what rescuers describe as several of the most filthy problems they have actually ever seen.


The poor dogs were found living in little enclosures without food or water. They were malnourished, dangerously dehydrated and weak. They were filthy, covered in mats, and their paws were red and sore from standing in their own feces.

” When we arrived, they were incredibly thrilled to see us and desperate for interest,” Felipe Márquez Muñoz, animal ruthlessness program manager at Humane Society International/M éxico, claimed. “If we had actually not intervened, I dread to believe what would certainly have happened to them. Now they are getting the care they so desperately need and will certainly have a possibility to be adopted into caring families.”

The State Attorney for Environmental Protected teamed up with Humane Society International and Amigos Pro Animal to seize the pups after their owner voluntarily surrendered them to authorities. The pets were transferred to a temporary shelter and are now safe in HSI’s care, where they are receiving urgent vet treatment and behavioral assessment.

Once they are recovered, they will be available for adoption. Amigos Pro Animal, along side HSI, hold adoption occasions and activities each week to find homes for ignored, deserted and abused animals.