3 Silverback Gorillas Secure a Group Of 22 Female Gorillas

We all recognize silverback mountain gorillas as mighty apes, the biggest of their kind and certainly the most powerful.

Typically, these great creatures traveling alone or in little groups with various other males, and it is uncommon for a family group to include several adult males.

However, one such group in Rwanda is going against the odds and stands for a beautiful tale of brotherly love.

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This family band is led by a leading male named Musilikale, followed by two faithful silverback bros named Icumbi and Turakameje.

They stick together to secure the family of 22 female gorillas. This and their playful antics were caught by the individuals from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

The company is dedicated to the conservation of these mighty creatures via research, training, and forming ties with the local communities.

They have actually been tracking and securing the hill gorillas of Rwanda and the Grauer gorillas of Congo, both species are incredibly endangered.

The trackers have actually caught a number of lovable images, especially in the Musilikale family, where the three gorillas lead 22 females.

Even though they are all grown up, two of the bros nap and play with each other while Musilikale leads the women who he will defend with his life.

Trackers and researchers follow the groups of gorillas daily, and in spite of the gorillas being used to human presence, they remain at a distance.

The mountain gorilla population is severely endangered and is believed to be just over 1,000 all around the globe. They are threatened mainly by poachers and habitat loss.

Grauer’s gorillas are thought about seriously endangered, with a small unknown amount left in the wild.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund is among the main companies supporting the fight for the magnificent creatures.