87 Year Old Lady Saved By Neighbor's Dog After Falling Down In The Snow

87 Year Old Lady Saved By Neighbor’s Dog After Falling Down In The Snow

When winter raises its freezing head, the inclement weather brings with it some dangerous elements. From slippy roads to frostbite, the dangers of winter are not to be ignored.

Provided the rough winter we experienced this year, it’s not a surprise how many accidents occurred.

87-year-old Noreen was one such victim of the cold conditions.

Noreen’s neighbor, Tim Curfman, is the proprietor of Midnight, a black Labrador mix.

Tim and Noreen live in the heart of Minnesota and are familiar with freezing temperatures.

It’s because of this why Noreen believed she ‘d be secure when stepping out to replenish her bird feeder.

Sadly, the task proved also harmful for her.

Midnight, who had actually seen Noreen lying in the snow, alerted his owner.

Tim states that he knew something was up by the way his dog’s ears perked up.

When Tim realized something was amiss, he encouraged Midnight to lead him to the issue.

Midnight led Tim to the opposite of the house where Noreen lay defenseless on the ground.

Tim galvanized right into action, promptly raising Noreen to her feet and taking her inside.

Tim surmised that she ‘d been there for no more than thirty minutes.

Upon recognizing what was going on, Tim’s wife gathered some dry clothes and cloaked Noreen in a towel.

Fortunately, Noreen suffered no injuries or frostbite.

She’s extremely happy for Tim, his family, and smart dog.