A dog with big eyelashes attracts people with its natural beauty

A dog with big eyelashes attracts people with its natural beauty

Half of the passers-by are just perplexed, and the other half is angry– why are you tyrannizing the animal? But no, no one does anything like that, and the long eyelashes of Walt are naturally so.

It is not easy to believe in it, but his owner assures– everything is natural. Perhaps a little tinted. This is Walt, the dog with the most gorgeous eyelashes ever.

As his owner, Chloe Shaw from Romford, Essay notes, he has had cilia since puppyhood. However, Walt is still little, he is just 10 months old. It was because of her appearance that she acquired it, but there is a professional interest– Chloe is a canine groomer. She came to be interested in how beautiful a dog, already beautiful by nature, can be made more beautiful.

Handsome Walt is a spoiled creature. Bathing and cleaning daily, which takes a lot of time. Every couple of weeks, a corrective haircut and nail polish. He attracts a great deal of attention and has actually learned to use his beauty. Walt likes to be praised, admired for his eyelashes, he is always in the spotlight.

Real, one problem is that veterinarians advise to shorten his eyelashes. At this size, they can clog the eyes and interfere with vision. But Chloe makes sure– as long as she looks after Walt, everything will certainly be fine.