A Kind Man Visits Animal Shelters And Adopts All The Old Dogs That No One Needs

A Kind Man Visits Animal Shelters And Adopts All The Old Dogs That No One Needs

Animal shelters worldwide are filled with healthy and balanced, active senior animals looking for loving owners and permanent homes. Nevertheless, the sad fact is that these animals are normally the last to be adopted and the first to be put on the euthanasia list.

” I grew up with a lot of animals,” the man told The Dodo. “My parents were animal lovers and they almost always let me have what I wanted as long as I might take care of it.”

Well, one man is attempting to bring the pleasure of adopting older animals to more people by harnessing the power of social media. Steve Greig, a 52-year-old animal fan, can not stop adopting senior canines from his downtown Denver house. So far he has adopted no less than 10 senior dogs, 4 chickens, 2 ducks, a rabbit and a pig.

To show how fantastic life can be with older animals that no one else loves, Steve produced an Instagram account where he continuously posts poignant photos of himself and his big family of angry and feathered buddies.

” From a certain age you understand what you want in life,” he says. “These senior canines understand that they are and it’s simple to establish a relationship with someone or a pet they know. It is gratifying to understand that these lovable animals are happy, loved, and well cared for. It makes my days worthwhile. “

The “gang” has actually managed to get quite an impressive following on Instagram where they currently have nearly 1 million fans. If you wish to know more regarding what life is like with 10 elderly canines, four chickens, two ducks, a bunny, and a pig.