A Man Who Discovered A Chained Dog With Her Little Puppies, Had No Hope That They Would Survive

People sometimes have the capacity for awful behavior. We didn’t recognize just how somebody can react to these helpless animals in such a harsh method. We don’t have the right to treat them terribly if we can not treat them well.

Right here is an example of a narrative that exemplifies the horible actions. A two-year-old dog was discovered tied to a fence in a field in Elphin, a little village in Area Roscommon, Ireland.

They were abandoned without food or beverage, and they were left freezing and hungry. Despite being restrained, the mother dog made an initiative to look after her puppies. The truth that a walker noticed the animals and notified the police and the ISPCA was pure chance.

Right after, help showed up, and the animals were sent out to a veterinarian in Longford for clinical treatment. Luckily, the dogs really did not show any type of symptoms of illness and were in health, in spite of having to be kept there for a while.

The mother dog’s name was Emmy Lou, and the six puppies were given the names Billy, Raiy, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June, and Patsy. The family will be looked after by the ISPCA for a while until they can find a permanent home.

After the ISPCA posted this story on Facebook, several expressed anger and displeasure.