A Pit Bull That Can Not Quit Waving Her Tail After Finally Finding A Forever Home

A Pit Bull That Can Not Quit Waving Her Tail After Finally Finding A Forever Home

Not long ago, a small puppy was given an animal sanctuary in Douglas County. Sadly, unlike other dogs entering the shelter, Matilda could not stop revealing her enjoyment when she initially entered.

The girl was waving her tail like crazy and she constantly had her smile on her face! The staff at the sanctuary was impressed at Matilda’s enthusiasm. She has lived as a stray dog for a number of months, but she is still a friendly and loving dog. When sanctuary staff found Matilda, she was full of insects and her skin condition was awful.

Nevertheless, Matilda’s tail did not stop shaking. Shelter worker Satina Sanders was very impressed with Matilda’s bright soul. Satina, she said, Matilda is one of the kindest animals she has ever encountered by far.

She chooses to share a video clip of Matilda’s Happy Tail Weggs on her Facebook page. After Sanders shared the video, New York rescue team Pibbles & Extra contacted Sanders. When Teresa Bowles Chiofalo, among the rescue team coordinators, didn’t wish to leave a cute pitbull in the shelter. There she found Matilda’s foster parent.

Matilda did not stop showing her the joy she really felt when Teresa went to pick up her little pitbull. She is actually a meaning of joy! Kelly Rich offered her home to take care of the little puppy till he could find an eternal home. However she didn’t expect to fall in love with Matilda.

Kelly and Matilda are extremely happy to be together. Yet when Kelly attempted to put a collar on the dog, Matilda wasn’t pleased at all. She quit wagging her little tail. This was the first time the pitbull’s tail had stopped shaking. Matilda’s Shikun wasn’t healed properly, so Kelly wondered if she must eliminate her collar. Matilda began to swing her tail again when they took off her collar!

Thanks to these wonderful sanctuaries and organizations, Matilda has found a loving home, and she will certainly never spend another day on the road! We want you all the best of luck.