A quick thinking dog rescues his owner's life who got stroke and fell down on the floor of their house

A quick thinking dog rescues his owner’s life who got stroke and fell down on the floor of their house

The only reason a man is alive is because of his faithful friend dog. The guy’s name is Brian.

The dog was adopted by him a few months ago. The dog was left in the sanctuary as his previous owner went somewhere various to live.

All the team of the animal shelter believed the dog is not in good connections with men. It wil be very difficult for the dog to get used to brand-new atmosphere. However everything ended up vice versa.

The dog was called Sadie, a breed of German shepherd who was only 6 years old. He proved that he was protective to his owner. As one day a terrible incident happened at home. The owner of the canine got stroke and fell on the flooring the house.

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Despite not being able to escape, the dog remained as close as possible to his owner until an ambulance arrived. He was alone at home. The canine always licked his owner even brought the phone to ensure that the rescue will be called.

While he is recovering from his injury, he is also missing out on a loyal and devoted friend who helped save his life.

The man even speaks with the canine through video chat. The dog lives with Brian’s family.

Both of them await meeting once again. The dog is a true friend therefore kind. They will quickly reunite after his owner’s full healing.

A guy has been granted a second possibility to live because of this quick thinking dog.