December 1, 2023
A rescuer rejects to leave his 450 animals in Ukraine. He said: I 'd rather lose my life with them.

A rescuer rejects to leave his 450 animals in Ukraine. He said: I ‘d rather lose my life with them.

What an amazing kind hearted brave man! What a fantastic man, pray this man and his precious animals stay safe.

Andrea Cisternino has actually been residing in Ukraine for 13 years, not far from Kyiv, where he created his very own award-winning animal sanctuary. Originally a fashion photographer from Italy, Cisternino wed a Ukrainian lady. He tells us that they don’t wish to need to abandons the 450 animals they have rescued so far in his shelter.

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The Italia JK2 sanctuary is located, in which more than 450 animals of various types live, from horses to hens. Andrea Cisternino is the founder of the animal shelter that [shocked] the world with his decision to stay by their side to protect them.

Andrea said: Currently I have to think about saving a sanctuary and it’s greater than 450 guests who deserve to be protected at all prices, that’s what I will do.
Despite the serious risk of staying in the location, Andrea is so dedicated to protecting the animals that he can not conceive of abandoning them.

The sanctuary has centers of “20 thousand square” meters separated right into various areas: one for dogs and cats; another for grazing cows and horses; one more for chicken coops, warehouses, kitchens, stables, and finally a vet clinic.

You are a really kind and caring man to stay with your precious animals. You possess a very good heart! It’s a really brave choice, but done from love! ❤.

Thank you for your generosity …! More people should be like this. Animals have feelings, too. that you & your wife & all your beloved animals will be safe. ❤ ✨.

Many prayers coming your way, and for your beloved animals! ❤ You are a fantastic man to stay with them. ❤.