Abandoned Puppies Befriend A Lonely Giant Turtle

Abandoned Puppies Befriend A Lonely Giant Turtle

We always love stories of unique friendships with animals. When you have different types of animals under one roof, you in some cases wonder if they get along so the animals get along.

Like the relocating tale of a bunch of orphaned young puppies who found a buddy and guardian in one of the most unforeseen creature. A foster home and 2nd Possibilities Rescue, Andrea came to be the guardian of 3 pups left in the PetSmart parking area a couple of years ago.

” A guy came up with a case of beer with these four pups,” Andrea told PAWsitive. “He claimed he captured her in her yard and he couldn’t capture her mother.”

Andrea took in the cubs and cared for them, although it took her a while to get used to her new home: “They were scared,” Andrea said. They were small and they were afraid” Andrea also had one more rescue animal in her care: an eighty-year-old sulcata turtle called Goliath.The old tortoise and the young cubs look like a strange pair, however Andrea soon found a connection in between her rescue canines.

One day Andrea recognized that one of the pups was missing out on. She worried … however she quickly found out that the canine was hiding in Goliath’s stable. He soon recognized that all the cubs liked to cuddle with their turtle friend, and it seemed to provide the scared dogs a sense of protection.

” They seemed to find a sense of security with Goliath,” Andrea said. “I found her gathered around Goliath throughout the day.” He not just helped the cubs, he also assisted Goliath.

Andrea claims the turtle likes attention and touch, but many dogs “are afraid of it and ignore it.” Obviously the cubs saw things differently and the turtle was happy to lastly have company: “I think he was delighted, I believe he loved it.”