Abused Tigers Are Lastly Free After Years Of Torture In Roadside Tourist Attraction

2 tigers were forced to stay in and be part of a roadside tourist attraction in Oklahoma. The attraction was recognized to trade tigers with “Tiger King” star Joe Exotic.

The animals were kept in terrible conditions and never ever got any type of medical care.

Fortunately, the tigers, Lola and Mia, were rescued when the attraction was closed down for safety and welfare violations.

They were transferred to Oakland Zoo in California, where they finally received proper medical attention at the zoo’s Veterinary Hospital.

Lola had an untreated infected tooth that caused a face deformity, but she recently went through dental surgery to fix it.

Mia also had her fair share of issues. When she was a cub, she was declawed, which left her in pain. She was most likely used for taking pictures with tourists.

The Oakland Zoo received word about the big cats after a concerned citizen contacted them, letting them know that there were malnourished tigers living in tiny cages at the drive-thru zoo.

The cages were a lot too small for them and were full of piles of feces and unclean water dishes.

Mia and Lola will certainly never need to worry about being ignored ever before once again. They will now enjoy their time in the Oakland Zoo’s recently remodeled tiger exhibit.

“It will be extremely heartfelt to see them have the ability to walk out on grass for possibly the first time ever. Tigers love water. The moment they get to jump into the swimming pool, I think there’s mosting likely to be a lot of times when we truly will be so pleased about this job that we’re doing,” Colleen Kinzley, Director of Animal Care, Conservation and Research at the Oakland Zoo, told AV Press.