Animal Sanctuary Writes Emotional Letter to Owner Who Dumped Pregnant Dog

Animal Sanctuary Writes Emotional Letter to Owner Who Dumped Pregnant Dog

A dumped pregnant one year old Pit Bull and her puppies are secure thanks to a kind Good Samaritan who spotted the dog hiding in the thorn bushes at the side of a roadway in Lemoore, California.

At first the woman could not find the dog’s puppies, but she called Kings SPCA Halfway Home for assistance, and with the help of the mother, they were able to find the puppies nestled in the thick underbrush.

After the family was secure, Kings SPCA Halfway Home shared the rescue tale and called out the cruel owner who had actually dumped the pregnant dog on the side of the roadway.

Kings SPCA Halfway Home wrote on Facebook: ” To the owner of our newest addition:.

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” We recognize you do not care because you dumped your pregnant 1 year old dog in the middle of nowhere. We know you do not care that she was attacked by various other animals while she looked for food.

” We understand you don’t care that she needed to climb into thorn bushes to give birth in order keep her babies secure. We know you have already forgotten the search her face when you drove away after discarding her like an old tire on the side of the roadway.”.

” We also recognize that YOU are the reason we continue to rescue these incredible animals. We understand she is full of love and kindness … love and kindness that you obviously lack! Your lack of compassion for this gorgeous mother is sickening. She is not trash. So do not worry your selfish, heartless, lazy, ignorant little head. She doesn’t require you.

” She luckily was spotted 3 days prior to us picking her up. She finally trusted a lady by the name of Kelly Leavens Tarlton, who was seeing family close by. Momma was full of milk but there were no puppies visible.”.

” She was soaking up the love from her brand-new human friend when I showed up. We leashed her and played pups weeping on YouTube. She raised and we were relocating. Making sure we reminded her just how amazing she was for being so strong out there. ‘Good Mother, allows finds the babies!’.

” She drew Kelly into a huge cluster of sticks and clean a methods down the road. Being stabbed and jabbed from every direction, Kelly didn’t miss a beat and climbed up over and under huge branches till Momma climbed into a small deep hole in the bushes.

” Kelly squealed ‘we found them!!!!!’.

” When we finally obtained all the pups in a crate and got them and Mother into the vehicle she put her face beside the crate, she let out a long breath and closed her gorgeous eyes.”.

” She was finally able to rest. She really did not have to worry about herself and her puppies being attacked. She really did not need to worry about finding food. She was safe with her children.
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” Thank you to the kind ladies, Kelly, who called us and rested with her until we could get out to where Mother was found. Most individuals do not dive head initially right into unidentified brush following a dog however one lady really did not think twice.”.

” It reminds me that there are selfless, compassionate people still around that are combating the same battle to rescue a life … or in this case a family.”.

Mother and her puppies are doing well and are all healthy.