Bear Trapped For Years In 'Torture Vest' Now Spends Her Days Swimming

Bear Trapped For Years In ‘Torture Vest’ Now Spends Her Days Swimming

Caesar the bear resided in torment during the first half of her life.

The brown bear spent years living on a bile farm in China. She was packed into a tiny cage with thousands of other bears, never seeing the light or having enough room to run, while an open cut on her side drained bile from her gallbladder for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Caesar, on the other hand, wore a torture vest, a ruthless steel cylinder strapped around her midsection. The device kept the “crude” rubber catheter that sucked out the bile sitting, as well as a steel box in which to collect it.

The garment was called “the greatest conceivable bile farm torture” by Animals Asia, which finally rescued Caesar.

And the contraption was as disturbing as it showed up. Jill Robinson, founder of Animals Asia, commented, “I keep in mind only also well her rescue some 4 years ago when she bounced furiously in her rusted cage on the bear farm in Tianjin and I thought she would certainly fall through.” “It’s understandable that Caesar was a bad-tempered bear.”

Caesar, luckily, was among the few who managed to prevent the bile trade. She was annoyed and uncomfortable when Animals Asia rescued her, her abdomen damp and bald from the unpleasant vest. She would certainly never ever known what it resembled to reside in the wild.

Caesar, however, now appears to be a different bear following years of rehabilitation at Animal Asia’s Chengdu shelter. She’s become a powerful, muscle bear with a “majestic” layer, according to Animals Asia.

” Caesar’s wounds have actually almost disappeared, and now she is an astoundingly gorgeous (and formidable) bear,” Robinson claimed, adding that in spite of her years in the bile cages, she is “in incredibly excellent wellness.” “At a massive 271 kgs [598 pounds], Caesar is all muscle and all lady!”

And her favorite hobbies are the polar opposite of the bleak, cramped setup in which she spent the first half of her existence.

“She’s already lived a dozen pleased years with Animals Asia in Chengdu, swimming in the sunlight and indulging her all-natural burrowing tendencies– particularly when the temperature level cools in the fall,” Animals Asia added.

Caesar can be seen swimming around in her warm pool and stopping only to brush the water from her thick fur in photos provided by the club.