Belgian Draft Mare Reveals Four Day Old Baby Twin Foals

Belgian Draft Mare Reveals Four Day Old Baby Twin Foals

All horse lovers know that the birth of healthy twins is not usual. On the contrary, it is very unlikely. So it’s always good information to hear that twins are born healthy.

We could not control our happiness when we learned that 2 gorgeous and rare twin foals were born. In the video below, you can see the amazing baby horses, Lisa and Fien, from a Belgian train that grows into an effective natural animal. They were just 4 days old when the video clip was taken, and as you can see, they are absolutely amazing.

As soon as we see a Belgian horse with an unique appearance that includes a big hooves, a huge body and, of course, a gentle temperament, all of us recognize a Belgian horse. They may be huge, but that also means they have a great heart and the love they provide.

Lisa and Fien are arguably the cutest twins we have actually ever before seen, and their proprietors should be extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to come close to these beautiful creatures. As you can see in the video clip below, they invest their time in life with their mother. We must say that they all look very peaceful and friendly.

Lisa and Fien stay relaxed in the meadows while their mom looks after them. I wish these gorgeous and innocent animals will constantly be very happy and healthy with each other. See this beautiful video and share it with your friends and family.