Big Bald Eagle Snatches Dog From Porch in

Big Bald Eagle Snatches Dog From Porch in “Intense” Video

A huge bald eagle nearly flew off with a small Yorkshire Terrier called Coco after snatching it off a porch in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, as seen on security video footage.

On June 19, Justin Dudoward published the video to his Facebook page, where it got close to 300,000 views.

Although lots of visitors were delighted to see that Coco was able to run away the eagle’s grasp and rush back into the house, the 23-second movie astounded viewers.

Coco was on the deck when the eagle instantly swooped down and snatched her up in Dudoward’s video. As the bird flew far from the camera, one could listen to Coco’s cries.

The lap dog managed to leave the eagle in some way, and she is seen scampering back inside the house.

Dudoward declared in an interview with United States Today’s For the Victory that he just listened to Coco’s sobbing and did not witness her being grabbed by the eagle.

Although there are lots of eagles in your area, he told Newsweek that it is unusual for them to fly right into individuals’s yards.

Despite having a puncture wound and a harmed gut, Coco made a full recovery at the clinic within three to four days.