Bulldog Puppy Threw Funny 'Temper Tantrum' And Rebels Versus His Cool Mama Dog

Bulldog Puppy Threw Funny ‘Temper Tantrum’ And Rebels Versus His Cool Mama Dog

Mama Bulldog named Patches is very safety of her only child, Elvis. Elvis was born with a cleft lip, which provided him a permanent sneer, so Patches always goes the extra mile to ensure Elvis is growing up well.

Click the video clip below to watch the little Elvis show maximum attitude to his mommy!

In this cute video, we see mommy Patches nudge Elvis to move on. Whether it is a lesson in socializing or simply another parenting exercise, we hardly know. But, it seems that Elvis is not pleased with mom’s pushy attitude, and he decides to throw a funny temper tantrum!

The tiny puppy gets aggressive with mommy and growls with a huge attitude. Like every other mom, Patches calmly attempts to factor with her baby. But Elvis’s baby-like riots proceed as he desires mommy to stop breathing down his neck!

After Elvis has actually vented out enough, he lastly cools down and mosts likely to the mommy to make amends. He adorably snuggles under her paws, and mommy begins playing with her rebellious little child. We think Patches and Elvis make the prettiest mom-son pair ever!