Unwanted Canine Gets Abandoned Again & Again And He Is Scared And Sad

“Unwanted” Canine Gets Abandoned Again & Again And He Is Scared And Sad

Animal control policeman’s had been attempting to rescue a very sick and emaciated dog named Edna for months.

But Edna hated engaging with humans and disappeared into the mountains each time someone approached her. So, the officers contacted the rescue group “Hope For Paws” to seek their assistance.

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We see the rescuers finally catching Edna and guaranteeing her that she is safe with them. As they feed her a cheeseburger, they realize that Edna is an elderly dog struggling with alopecia, a problem that causes uncontrolled loss of hair. While the canine is startled at the sudden human treatment, she slowly heats up to the rescuers and gets into the rescue van!

At the vet’s, a fast microchip check revealed that Edna actually had an owner. When they called the proprietor, she was amazed that the dog lived! She claimed that she had given Edna away to one more individual, who had informed her that Edna had passed away. However, the registered owner made it clear that she didn’t want the dog any longer.

While no one knows how Edna ended up living like a hermit in the mountains, it was clear that she was mentally scarred from being an “unwanted” and “disliked” dog. The rescuers transferred her to a foster home where she learned to smile again with the help of her lots of foster siblings!

When Edna had finally blossomed into a healthy, loving pooch, she was adopted by a fantastic woman that hopelessly loved this bright canine! Edna is a happy girl now, and is spending her days in luxury and comfort in her forever home. Hurray!