Caretakers stunned after tiger's motherly reactions kick in to rescue her unresponsive twin cubs

Caretakers stunned after tiger’s motherly reactions kick in to rescue her unresponsive twin cubs

If there’s something truly breathtaking in this world, then this is the wonder of birth giving. And we’re not talking about people being, however all beings. In this especially situation is a tiger’s birthing process that amaze us.

The staff of the Australia Zoo capture an extremely rare and the exact same time heart melting footage of a Sumatran tiger giving birth. Sadly, the things haven’t gone as planned for Kaitlyn, a female tiger, as her twin cubs seem to be unresponsive after they were born. But thankfully– to the astonishment of the caretakers– the tiger’s motherly instincts rapidly kick in and the tiny creatures began to breath again.

The whole process was carefully monitored as the Sumatran tiger is one of the most endangered species on Earth. It’s estimated there are less than 600 Sumatran tiger left in the world. So when a Sumatran woman is ready to give birth it is heady necessary to be managed by the zoo’s staff. If there’s something wrong the team prepares to intervene in any type of moment in order to conserve the cubs or the mother’s life.

In this case the supervision of the birthing process was much more required as Kaitlyn was about to be mother for the first time. Remarkably for everyone present there, she act like she had lots of experience. She helped her babies in order to stimulate their lungs and made them to breath on their own. Currently all of us can’t wait to see the little creatures growing up!