Cat With A Bicolor Face Is The Dad Of 2 Kitties Who Shared Their Colors

Cat With A Bicolor Face Is The Dad Of 2 Kitties Who Shared Their Colors

A beautiful cat famous for his bicolor face, he has become the father of 2 adorable kittens that strangely shared the colors of his face.

But the surprising thing is that each one has taken the color of each side of their face. Narnia is 3 years old, he has a unusual genetic trait that differentiates him from others, his face is divided in half by 2 colors.

Narnia is a French cat who was born in Paris, but lives in Great Britain with its mom, Stephanie Jiminez. Since his arrival, he stole everyone’s heart with the beauty of him.

His face is quite strange, he has a gray side and a black side, he also has gorgeous blue eyes, a instead unusual coloration.


“” When Narnia was birthed I was extremely surprised. I recognized instantly that it was remarkable. Narnia was born with a black and gray dual face, which is extremely rare.”.

Stephanie Jiminez said

Generally, this type of traits is because of a genetic abnormality called chimerism, a natural condition, whereby an person has 2 various types of cells, each with a various genetic makeup. In male cats it suggests that they had an extra X chromosome in the beginning phase of their development.

However, the situation of Narnia is particular, this unusual anomaly does not apply, since when doing specific genetic tests, they revealed that it was not chimerism.

” A geneticist conducted tests and discovered that Narnia has only one DNA … he remains a mystery to science.”

Stephanie said

” He likewise has gorgeous blue eyes, which is very unusual for a cat that is totally black. Typically blue eyes are usually found in white cats”.

Stephanie said

However the important thing right here is that Narnia became the father of 2 gorgeous kitties, one gray and one black, like the colors of its face.

The kitties, gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, were born last year and have taken people’s interest. Not only for her beauty, but for having actually inherited each color of its father’s face.

The owner of Narnia says that the gorgeous furry guy handles the function of father very well and feels extremely pleased with his 2 creations.

“Narnia is doing great and loves to have fun with her kittens”.

Stephanie, said

However, this is not the first time that Narnia has been a dad, he has been a dad a number of times already and all his children have different color variations.

Narnia has 2 light brown twins, Orfée and also Ozanna, black Roswell, Gray Rose, and 2 beautiful multi-colored kids, Polaris and Phantom.

Unlike Phoenix and Prada, the various other kitties have inherited Narnia’s striking blue eyes, creating a new gene called “ice,” Stephanie says.

Besides being a dad, this cat enjoys having a life full of treatment and adventure.

Its kittens have expanded healthy, Phoenix has found a forever home after being adopted by a family, and Prada will certainly soon be moving into her brand-new home as well.

For now, people will remain to enjoy Narnia’s gorgeous and unusual look, and its cute kittens.