Cops Perform Random Traffic Stop, Obtain Handed A Puppy The Couple Doesn't Want

Cops Perform Random Traffic Stop, Obtain Handed A Puppy The Couple Doesn’t Want

The couple just obtained him that day but had obviously already changed their minds.

Police officers were carrying out random traffic stops in Windsor, England, when they found something they never expected. They pulled over one specific vehicle and saw a couple holding a tiny young puppy. After a few minutes, they said they no longer wanted the puppy and handed him over to the polices.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

The couple had actually simply gotten the puppy that day, and he was much too young to be away from his mom. How lucky that this was one of the random vehicles pulled over by the police. Who knows what would’ve happened to the poor little guy. The police mans didn’t wait to take the puppy in, and after a few hours he was moved to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for care.

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Team at the shelter named the puppy Buddy. He was just six weeks old at the time however totally healthy in spite of the harsh start to his life. They rapidly loved him and maintained him safe until he was old enough to locate a permanently home– and that he did!

As soon as he was ready to be adopted, a loving family took Buddy in! He’s succeeding in his brand-new home and loving every min of his new life.

What a happy result for Buddy after such an unsure beginning. We’ll never know specifically what that couple’s purposes were with Buddy that day, however we’re so happy the cops happened to pull them over and take Buddy in. Now he’s living his best life!.