Deaf Dog Took A Bullet For His Owner ... And Right Now He's Homeless

Deaf Dog Took A Bullet For His Owner … And Right Now He’s Homeless

Heroes are available in all shapes and sizes – including canine. A dog named Kiko took a bullet for his owner, lost his home and is now searching for his second chance.

Kiko made the information in 2012, when he rescued his owner from a home invasion. A man masquerading as a UPS delivery driver tried to break into Kiko’s home on Staten Island, New York City. When Kiko tried to stop him, he was shot in the head. Luckily for Kiko, the bullet ricocheted off his skull, and he was amazingly able to make a full recovery, even though he is a senior dog.

That would have been the perfect happy ending, but, sadly, Kiko’s owner ran into some tough times concerning two years ago. He was forced to move and could not take Kiko with him. Kiko saved his owner’s life and home, and then suddenly located himself without a home at all.

Mighty Mutts found out of Kiko’s plight, and in late 2014 Kiko was transferred right into their treatment. “The first few weeks of adoption drives, it was apparent that Kiko was very confused, and just appeared to be looking for his owner,” Jill Haynes of Mighty Mutts informed The Dodo. “Initially we thought he was a little closed down, however after a little time we realized he was really just completely deaf.”

Mighty Mutts is unsure if Kiko has been deaf his entire life or if it is an outcome of the gunshot wound. In either case, when they made this discovery, bonding with Kiko became a lot easier.

” Kiko reacts to touch rather than sound, and like many dogs enjoys a great back scratch,” Haynes informed The Dodo. “He is an extra scheduled canine than some of our others, which causes him to get ignored frequently at adoption drives. But when he bonds with a volunteer and leans his head in for pets and scrapes, it is one of the most endearing thing in the world.”

Mighty Mutts has actually been searching for Kiko’s permanently home for over a year and a half now. Kiko is such a beautiful canine, however because of his age and his behavior due to his deafness, he is struggling to make that permanently link with someone. Kiko loves soft dog beds, rolling around in the yard and simply enjoying life – the perfect furry companion.

Kiko is now 14-years-old, and would do best in a home without various other animals (other than perhaps a calm senior canine) and no young children. He needs minimal stairs, so a walk-up structure would not be ideal. Since a home go to is required as a part of the Mighty Mutts adoption process, Kiko’s possible family would require to live no more than two to three hours outside of NYC.

If you or someone you recognize may be thinking about adopting Kiko, you can go to the Mighty Mutts web site to obtain the process began. Allow’s locate Kiko his gladly ever after!

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