Depressed Dog Was Alone At Sanctuary For 2 Yrs and Recognized Familiar Smell

Depressed Dog Was Alone At Sanctuary For 2 Yrs and Recognized Familiar Smell

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Pakita was located wandering the streets when she was ultimately brought to Argentina’s El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita. Volunteers immediately fell in love with her. Specifically one volunteer named Silvia Ferreyra. But sadly, in spite of her warm demeanor, she was passed over by adopters time and time again for a younger dog.

Her truth looked bleak. She beinged in her kennel every day. Pakita became depressed, withdrawn, and in many methods, broken. She lost a lot of weight, unwilling to eat a lot. The volunteers at El Arca were extremely concerned.

For 2 long years, the volunteers did everything they could to find Pakita a home but nothing exercised. They lastly decided to use social networks to their advantage– to Pakita’s advantage– and post a picture of her and her biography on Facebook. But the whole ordeal was no simple job. Pakita would shake and cower in the corner, unwilling to pose for a photo. LASTLY, they were able to get a good shot. In fact, it even appeared like Pakita was smiling!

Then a wonder happened!

” Instantly, we get a message from a lady saying that the dog was her son’s which he had actually been looking for her!” Ferreyra said.

Ariel Naveira never thought he ‘d see his canine again. After all this time, Ariel had to accept that Pakita was never ever getting home. But after that his mother called him after seeing the Facebook post. He could not believe it was her. But he went to the sanctuary the next day just in case.

The volunteers brought Pakita bent on see Ariel, and he recognized immediately it was her however Pakita wasn’t so sure. You can see in the video clip, she looks hesitant, worried however as she sniffs about and around, she recognizes …


Pakita falls to the flooring with excitement, tail wagging, waiting for correct belly rubs from her favored person in the world. It may have been 2 years but she knew that smell, that face, that touch. All that waiting and he lastly came for her! It’s a dream come true!

Pakita and Ariel’s get-together makes sure to pluck your heartstrings. Enjoy the video clip below and don’t forget to hug your fur-baby extra tight tonight!