Depressed 'Yard Dog' Sat In The Mud So Lonely On The End Of That Chain

Depressed ‘Yard Dog’ Sat In The Mud So Lonely On The End Of That Chain

Lady the Shepherd had nothing and never ever got any love or attention tied out on the end of a chain 24/7 year-round. It was muddy and would flood when it rained, and she was so lonely and desperate and just grew even more depressed as every day passed.

However PETA fieldworkers made it a point to visit the canine for many years constantly trying to persuade her owner to give her as much as a better life. But they always refused. Lady was becoming more and more timid and sometimes would not even appear of her doghouse to see her visitors.

PETA would certainly keep pushing the problem, and ultimately their persistence would pay off in a huge method; Her owner finally agreed to hand Lady over, and it marked a beautiful second possibility at life! Now renamed Wolfie von Fluffer Bottom, or “Wolfie” for short, the great girl is living it up in a loving forever home today.