Disabled Dog That Was Left By Its Ruthless Owners Two Times In One Day Finds A Forever Home

Disabled Dog That Was Left By Its Ruthless Owners Two Times In One Day Finds A Forever Home

There are far a lot of heart-shattering video clips and pictures of evil (let’s be real) people abandoning their pets. We usually do not cover these sorrowful stories on Bored Panda unless those furry buddies obtained the happy ending they deserved. Fortunately, this tale is one of those with the happy endings.

A scary video of a disabled dog being abandoned on the side of the road went viral previously this year, leaving millions in utter anger and disgust. The video clip was captured in Sao Leopoldo, a city in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The incident is believed to have taken place half a year ago. The heartbreaking video clip shows a white car parking together with a deserted road where a lady is seen leaving the car and dragging out a white canine that just has 3 legs. After shoving him strongly and heartlessly, the cold-blooded woman drives away. Upon seeing this horrifying footage, millions were left in tears. This poor three-legged canine was dumped two times on the same day previously this year

The horrifying video shows a cold-hearted woman abandoning the dog and driving away

Luckily, simply a day after the video was posted, people identified the poor three-legged dog in it. As it ended up, the Patas Geurreras pet charity had actually taken the canine in and renamed him TinTin. Later on, people found out that TinTin was really deserted two times on the same day. The first time he was left, TinTin was restored home after one lady found him on the street, believing he was lost. However, being absolutely cold-hearted and inhumane, his owner left him again. Numerous people were outraged when the video clip went viral

Luckily, pet rescuers took in the poor soul named TinTin

After TinTin’s story went viral, dozens of people offered to embrace him

Luckily, somebody else found him and took the poor soul to an animal shelter. The footage that was later on shared on Twitter showed TinTin being looked after by the staff of Patas Guerreras. And it gets even better– in nearly no time, the handsome TinTin found new loving owners. The charity that previously took care of TinTin said that he is doing ‘exceptionally well’, provided the horrifying circumstances under which he was deserted. They also noted that the disabled pooch is being showered with love and care by his new owners, just like he deserves. However animal rescuers were extremely careful about whom to rely on with this loyal dog

Lastly, TinTin found brand-new loving owners

To everybody’s relief, policeman managed to track down Tintin’s previous owners. They admitted that they had deserted the poor dog. Anderson Ribeiro, manager of the Secretariat of Animal Protection in Sao Leopoldo, passed his information over to police that verified their investigation on the cost of animal abuse and have called witnesses to testify. The penalty for pet abuse ranges from 3 months to a year behind bars and a penalty. Currently, he appears pleased and is as healthy as ever

TinTin is thriving and people can lastly feel peaceful

Luckily, TinTin appears to be as happy and healthy as ever. Cuddled by his brand-new owners, the handsome boy seems to have finally found his forever home. Especially after it was reported that the people that left TinTin will certainly be facing jail time

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