Diver comes face to face with huge shark off the coast of Florida

This is the incredible moment a diver has comes face to face with a massive bull shark off the Jupiter coast, Florida. The man also managed to caught a series of pictures of the intimidating animal, and shared them online.

John Moore– a digital photographer and marine life enthusiast– was free-diving when found the huge shark. Though the 55-year-old diver had lots of encounters with sharks, this one was by far the biggest he has ever seen. The shark, a pregnant female, was searching prey near to the surface alongside other bull sharks.

” She was an abnormally large female,” the digital photographer said. ” Really likely pregnant, she definitely had not avoided any meals. She was a very leading shark, confidently coming right up to me throughout our dive.”

Moore has later shared the incredible snaps on Instagram, where he constantly publish photos of the sharks he encounters while diving!

” Up close and personal inspection of the very impressive serrated teeth of a large female Bull shark,” he wrote. “A fish had grabbed the chunk of bait and run toward me for cover, before obtaining frightened and dropping the piece. This set me up for a shot that’s even too close for my 20mm lens.”

Even though he has a lot of experience with the sharks, this had not been the most comfy experience for Moore, as the bull sharks aren’t the friendliest sharks to meet. In fact, this types, alongside great white sharks and tiger sharks are the most dangerous sharks. These titans can measure up to 11 feet and they can easily weigh around 1,500 pounds.