Dog Can Not Believe His Daddy Finally Found Him After 200 Days

Dog Can Not Believe His Daddy Finally Found Him After 200 Days

Blue is a pit bull mix dog that has actually been missing from his Tennessee home for many months. His dad looked for him everywhere, but he had to go to Texas, assuming he would never see his beloved companion once again, until a friend discovered a shelter’s ad, writes animalz-online.

In early April, the Washington County, TN Animal Sanctuary in the USA obtained a phone call. A roaming dog had actually apparently arrived at a person’s home in need of sanctuary; nobody understood how long he had been roaming the streets, however the dog appeared to be fairly friendly to people.

Dog Can Not Believe His Daddy Finally Found Him After 200 Days

The sanctuary was compelled to lock its doors to the general public because to the Covid-19 outbreak and just accept visitors by appointment. Due to this circumstance, Blue was required to remain in the location for months before being located.

What a true blessing for his father, who never ever quit hope of finding him and was eventually rejoined with his trusty companion.

The shelter prepared a video of Blue and placed it on Facebook to present him to possible adopters; remarkably, one of the remarks read “that’s my dog,” so the only thing left to do was identify whether the man was telling the truth.

Tammy continued, “

” When we initially came close to the owner, he answered, ‘Yes, I have images of my dog.’ He provided us pictures of Blue at his residence playing with the same blue ball, which was his favored toy. He was crazy “.

The ecstatic guy looked at 1,200 miles to obtain his pet; it had been a long time since they had seen each other, and the reunion can not have been much more psychological.

The lady explains:

“It was clear that the canine and that human had actually formed a relationship.” For a brief while, Blue was surprised and wondered out loud, ‘Am I seeing points?’ After that there was just kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses.