Dog Missing For 8 Years Immediately Recognizes His Dad In Emotional Reunion

This heartwarming story is proof that you must never quit hope. While it starts off with a devastating loss, it has a pleased ending.

It all started in 2012 when Stevie Rodger’s two dogs, Kavik and Konan, were allowed outside of his home in Scotland to go to the restroom, but slipped out of the gate. He looked the area and found they had strayed onto a farmer’s sheep field.

The farmer callously shot both the dogs, immediately killing Konan. Kavik was injured but removed running.

The household looked the area for months, posting indications and offering a reward, however to no avail. They even made a post on Dog Lost, listing his last seen place and two phone numbers to call with any type of info. “Kavik is his daddy’s boy and might not come when called by another person. If you see him please call either of these numbers immediately with the location you have seen him in. He will be frightened and may need Vet attention. Thanks very much.”.

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They mourned the loss of both of their canines, thinking they would never see Kavik again.

But eight years later, they got a phone call about a possible sighting of their long lost dog in Birmingham, 300 miles away.

An emaciated German shepherd mix was brought in and fit the summary of Kavik on Dog Lost, so the team reached out to Stevie.

He could not think what he was hearing and the next day drove over four hrs to be rejoined with his beloved dog. All it took was one look at the skinny pup for him to recognize it was Kavik. The currently 10-year-old dog immediately recognized his dad and the tears started to flow.

” He came running over to me and began licking me like he ‘d seen me simply yesterday. It was a very emotional reunion. I can’t quite believe it’s been more than 8 years that he’s been gone but he has settled back in penalty,” Stevie informed the Metro.

The two slept together on the sofa the first night. Kavik was taken to the vet the following day for blood work and to be analyzed. Aside from being dehydrated and underweight, the vet found a growth on his back that will be eliminated. The focus today is to feed him many tiny meals to assist him gain weight. While his roadway to healing will certainly be long, the household said, “we’re up for it and doing it with happy hearts.”.

Stevie is calling the unbelievable reunion “a Christmas wonder”. The whole household is pleased to have their precious dog back and plan to ‘pay it forward’.