Dog Sneaks Off To Mother's Job Thinking She Forgot Her At Home

Dog Sneaks Off To Mother’s Job Thinking She Forgot Her At Home

For over the last year, a dog named Indy has been going with her mother, Liza, to function daily at the assisted living facility in Connecticut.

All of the locals and also workers there like the pup, so they made it a thing for Indy to accompany. But the someday when Liza removed job to go to a friend’s wedding, the dog thought Mom forgot to take her with her …

The security cam at the facility captured Indy making the trek to show up and shock Liza! The dog was left with Grandfather that day but somehow snuck off and also found her way all on her own. The staff, obviously, recognized Indy and called Liza to let her know what had happened.

She could not think it! Her boss drove Indy home where Grandfather was looking all over for the dog. He was relieved, and it produced an unique reunion later on when Mother returned. Indy sure does love her mama!.