Dog Steals The Golf Cart And Crashes It Into The Family's Truck

Dog Steals The Golf Cart And Crashes It Into The Family’s Truck

This dog named Titan loves nothing more than riding with his owners in their family’s golf cart. But, obviously, a solo ride appeared pretty appealing to the puppy, too.

Lately, Titan’s mom, Mallory Kmet, arrived home to locate the golf cart had been taken on brief trip by some mysterious driver.

“We were away and then we returned, and I said to my husband, ‘Oh my god! Someone was in our backyard and took our golf cart for a drive and smashed it into my truck,'” Kmet told CTV News.

Upon reviewing surveillance footage overlooking the yard, however, the ” somebody” behind the drive became clear.

It was Titan. Fortunately, Titan had not been injured in the slow-speed accident. The truck, meanwhile, did have some minor damages.

That little accident hasn’t transformed Titan off to the concept of cruising, though. “He still intends to go for golf cart rides, so you’ll still catch him being in the golf cart ’cause that’s one of his favorite things to do,” Kmet said.

Let’s just hope that next time he leaves the driving up to his parents.