Dog Wandered Around 2 Years Looking For His Owner Despite The Fact She Passed Away

In a village outside the city, people spotted a white slim dog walking dispersedly on the road every single day. He really did not react even when somebody approached him, even when traffic was dangerous. His eyes were full of sadness as if he lost everything.

The residents said that the canine had been wandering around for a long time, in spite of the truth his weak legs can barely help him stand firmly. Passers-by couldn’t take their eyes off the poor dog, they wondered what he was looking for.

It turned out he was not a homeless canine, his house was in this area and he lived with his owner couple. The house was so quiet, with no sign of people. Since the owners were busy at work, they normally needed to leave their house for the entire day, and the dog named Jindol went to home alone.

They said that he didn’t look so sad such as this at the beginning, he used to be a pleased dog always remaining by his grandma’s side (the owner’s mom). She passed away over a year ago, and since then, Jindol became lifeless and depressed.

He could not get over the fact that he lost his beloved grandma suddenly. At the funeral, Jindol sat on the ground and cried a lot. Day by day, he maintained going outside regardless of just how harsh the weather was.

He saw all places filled with memories of grandma that he kept closely in his heart. However he can never ever locate her, just longing for her in desperation. He walked on every road that he and his old friend used to walk together. He couldn’t speak out however his action was like he wished to locate where his kind owner was now. He missed her so much.

As time passed, it was all 2 years since he had been roaming on the streets and his status got worse rapidly. The veterinarian said it was tough to treat him because he had renal failure. Because of old age, it was even harder but they believed that love could help him better, step by step.

A narrow space in the house was not good for him, it just made him more frustrating. So from a warm afternoon, the lady owner started to walk with Jindol daily, like the granny used to do. He no more had to walk alone.

Hopefully, his sorrow would certainly be taken place by relief and Jindol can live peacefully for the rest of his life.