Dog With Shoe Lace Embedded In His Neck Walked Streets For A Year Prior To Help Arrived.jpg

Dog With Shoe Lace Embedded In His Neck Walked Streets For A Year Prior To Help Arrived

A dog who survived abuse and was left to wander the streets of Houston located a friend in dog rescuer Laura Jean.

After hearing a local television news report from KHOU 11 that a dog the station nicknamed Gus was seen for about a year in the 12000 block of MLK Boulevard with shoe laces painfully digging into his neck, she chose to track him down.

Unfortunately, nobody had actually been able or going to spend the time to catch him to get him the proper medical care he required.

That’s when Laura Jean went into action, publishing pictures that she was able to take when she spotted Gus because neighborhood on her Facebook web page.

Alerting next-door neighbors that this dog remained in serious problem and shaming all of the vehicles passing by that day who rejected to aid her safely catch him.

Laura provided her contact info and reported that Gus was last observed entering an apartment complex in that neighborhood.

She additionally pleaded for anybody to come forward that could help her locate this poor animal by donating their time or donating funds for his treatment.

Thanks to social networks, Laura had the ability to find Gus rapidly to get him the help he so deserved.

Alerted by her Facebook article, Houston K-911 Rescue sent a team to the location to continue the look for Gus.

Rob Acuna and his partner Tom could not think their best of luck when they found Gus and he began walking towards them!

But both guys said they could have quickly missed out on finding the hurt animal, since there were several abandoned structures where he could have been hiding.

However when they saw an opening in one of the buildings, they chose to shine their flashlight inside. It wasn’t long before Gus approached them.

The team managed to rescue him without causing additional injury. Up close, they might see simply how terribly Gus had actually been treated and how severe his injuries were.