Family Cats and Dogs Assist Bring Kitten Back to Life After She Was Found at 3 Days Old

Family Cats and Dogs Assist Bring Kitten Back to Life After She Was Found at 3 Days Old

Family cats and canines assisted bring a tiny kitten back to life, after she was located at 3 days old.

Fiona the kitten and Ethel the pupKelsey Minier

A 3-day-old kitty, Fiona, was brought to Hamilton Humane (in Indiana) as a singleton, seriously requiring help. She weighed just 82 grams, the dimension of a small newborn kitty.

Kelsey Minier, a foster volunteer of the rescue, took her in and started round-the-clock care. “She had an upper respiratory infection but was too small to treat,” Kelsey shared with Love Meow.

They maintained the little tabby warm and fed, and provided supplemental care.

Fiona was brought to the shelter at three days oldKelsey Minier

Fiona began to gain weight and strength, and eventually latched onto the bottle on her very own. Points were going well for a few days however suddenly took a turn for the worse.

” She started losing energy and stopped feeding. We took her to the shelter vets the next day. They did x-rays and inspected her, but couldn’t locate a real answer. We were sent home with antibiotics, the tiniest dose because of her size,” Kelsey informed Love Meow.

Kelsey Minier

” That night and day, she continued to decline. We started the fading kitten protocol and chose to stay up all evening with her to maintain her comfy in the event that she didn’t make it.”

The resident canines and cats also came to offer a helping paw. “The dogs had bonded with her and we kept her warm on our breasts in a covering. The entire family had a slumber party on the sofa and we cuddled all night long.”

The resident dogs bonded with the little foster kittenKelsey Minier

” Somehow, she made it through the evening. She still wasn’t eating, and her body was completely limp but she was alive.”

Kelsey remained to syringe-feed the kitty while her feline and canine residents provided constant emotional support. That afternoon, Fiona was solid enough to prop herself up, and made a valiant effort to eat from a container again.

Fiona insisted on hanging out with Tucker the catKelsey Minier

” All of a sudden she latched and drank greater than she had total in two days. We cried. We were so pleased,” Kelsey shared with Love Meow.