Family Of Bears Kept Stealing Man's Honey So He Transforms Them Into Taste Testers

Family Of Bears Kept Stealing Man’s Honey So He Transforms Them Into Taste Testers

Bears like honey which reality isn’t ready to change anytime soon. They simply appear to get a preference for it and they will certainly go to great lengths to ensure they obtain some for themselves. It is cute to see however it can be annoying for the person who is attempting to save the honey.

When a bunch of bears came to see a bee farm regularly, the farmer decided to make lemonade out of lemons. Ibrahim Sedef is the beekeeper and he does his finest to maintain the bears away but it does not always work as well as he would such as.

Ibrahim Sedef lives in Trabzon, Turkey and works as an agricultural engineer in beekeeping. He has actually been having a hard time keeping the bears from getting into his hives.

He protected the hives with metal cages and also left various other food out to attempt and distract the bears. Absolutely nothing appeared to work.

That is when he chose to learn as much as he could about the bears by setting up video cameras on the farm.

That is when he developed the best strategy.

Instead of maintaining them from tasting the honey, he would certainly place it out to learn what the bears wanted most.

A table with 4 various kinds of honey was produced to see which the bears enjoyed most.

Obviously, the delighted in the smell of Anzer honey since they would taste it initially. Sometimes they would not even bother with the cherry blossom honey.

Anzer is a quality Turkish honey that sells for $300 for 2 extra pounds.