Florida Homeowner Calls Snake Catchers for Help After ‘ Big’ Boa Constrictor Slithers into Yard

The snake catchers took out the boa constrictor with albinism from the Florida yard and moved the reptile to their Naples shelter

Terrified homeowners in Florida called in expert snake catchers after discovering a boa constrictor measuring over 9 feet in their backyard.

Reptile specialists Rhett and Taylor Stanberry, that thought they were dealing with a standard python, arrived to find a beefy boa constrictor.

Both had been enjoying a day of fishing on December 12 when they received the call from a residential property in Naples, Florida. The homeowner explained the invasive snake as “huge.”.

In the beginning, the snake catchers didn’t think much of it due to the prevalence of pythons, an intrusive types in Florida, in the state.

” They said it was a big python in their backyard, and they needed someone to get it,” Rhett told SWNS. “They sent us a Google image of an albino Burmese python.”.

” If you know anything about the pythons here in south Florida, they are normal-colored snakes, brown and tan,” he added.

After speaking with the homeowners and looking at their pictures of the snake in the backyard, the Stanberrys told the caller “to stay back, and we’ll be there and find out what it is.”.

Rhett and Taylor arrived at the Naples home and soon realized that the massive snake sitting in the backyard was a boa constrictor with albinism, a much rarer sighting in the Sunshine State.

Both safely captured the creature and shot the process of picking up the snake and moving it out of the yard in a sack.

After the straightforward capture, the snake catchers took the reptile back to their sanctuary. The animal will stay there, residing among similar snakes and away from local backyards.

Rhett and Taylor believe the reptile might have been a pet that left or was abandoned in the wild.