Fort Worth Zoo Gorilla Turns 52 and Becomes World’s Oldest Silverback, Officials Claim

After years of providing hijinks and happiness, Ramses now lives a behind-the-scenes life at the Texas zoo.

The Fort Worth Zoo is celebrating among its most precious animals– who is believed to be the oldest silverback gorilla in the world!

Ramses, who turned 52 on Wednesday, has actually seemingly stolen the hearts of those behind the scenes at the facility, where he lives alongside his longtime partner Amani.

In a video posted on the zoo’s Twitter account, one of Ramses’ caretakers points to the gorilla’s private life as one of the reasons for his longevity.

” Remaining in the back area, we’re able to keep a closer eye on him during the day and make sure that he’s doing alright,” Linda Roberts, the zoo’s primate supervisor, said. “So we get to see him more, and we reach interact with him more, and we can judge just how he’s doing better.”

Roberts claimed zoo officials think the primate to be the oldest silverback on the planet, however you wouldn’t believe it from observing the massive mammal.

In the video, Ramses enjoys an orange, maneuvers around his environment easily, and even sticks his tongue out gamely throughout a routine wellness check.

The gorilla– recognized for his human expressions and expert side-eye– initially came to Fort Worth in 1992 and has pleased generations since.

Nowadays, Ramses is apparently living it up in his altered retirement.

” Since he’s not on exhibit, he does not have a schedule Ramses; he can take it easy if he desires,” Roberts claimed. “If he’s having a good day or he’s having a poor day, we coddle him basically.”

Gorillas “have the very same problems as humans” as they age– eyesight, hearing loss, and arthritis– Roberts said.

However, Ramses is right on target with his newest birthday milestone. According to Discover Wildlife, gorillas can live longer than 50 years in captivity.

On his birthday celebration, the Fort Worth Zoo, its team, and patrons are expecting many more.

“We absolutely like him,” Roberts said.