Giant Great Dane is super wonderful with small kittens

Giant Great Dane is super wonderful with small kittens

Bagheera the Great Dane was unexpectedly surrounded by small kittens, and he knew specifically how to treat them.

When we hear that 2 people are like cats and dogs, we instantly picture them fighting. It’s the universal saying that cats and dogs can’t ever be together in peace, not to mention be friends.

However Bagheera the Great Dane and a litter of tiny, cosy kittens disproved this stereotype and showed the world just how gentle, sweet, and wonderful relationship between cats and dogs can be!

Bagheera is a giant, black Great Dane with a shiny coat and a gentle personality. He was lounging on the floor, when suddenly he was swarmed by several tiny fluffballs!

They were extremely young kittens that were simply starting to discover the world and were wowed by the sheer size that Bagheera was. So, they tumbled and rolled, running and wobbling towards him, admiring his lengthy legs and fantastic height.

It would be the easiest thing for Bagheera to just kick them away, or even worse, smash his great paws or utilize his powerful jaws on them. The kittens were so fragile they would never ever stand a chance.

But none of that happened! Bagheera plainly could tell how gentle and careful he had to be with them, and at first, he barely moved as they explored his body. After that, he increased his giant paw and thoroughly, extremely gently, petted a small little full head.

He did so well that the mama cat just looked at him when, and afterwards relaxed, trusting her precious babies in Bagheera’s giant, but safe paws.