Gorilla Spends Last Minutes Hugging Man Who Rescued Her As Baby

Gorilla Spends Last Minutes Hugging Man Who Rescued Her As Baby

Ndakasi the gorilla was rescued from the Congolese wild in 2007 when she was just a 2 month old baby

She was rescued by rangers from the Virunga National Park after being found clutching the deceased body of her mom who had come to be a target of poachers.

Regardless of this, her tale is just one of love and generosity.

Ndakasi was taken to the park’s gorilla orphanage where she met her lifelong caretaker Andre Bauma.

Bauma never left her side the first night she was at the orphanage and ensured she really felt comforted at all times.

” With a torrential rainstorm that lasted all night, Andre held baby Ndakasi tightly to his bare chest to maintain her warm and provide her comfort,” wrote the park.

She handled to survive the evening, and thanks to Bauma and the other team at the orphanage, Ndakasi matured to live a pleased and healthy life.

A series of selfies that went viral after the park shared them on social media was captured in 2019 with Bauma and Ndakasi.

In spite of living a pleased and healthy and balanced life, Ndakasi’s had unfortunately come to an early end because of illness at the age of 14.

Caretakers at the orphanage announced it on their social networks, and even in her final moments, she was exuding love

” Ndakasi took her final breath in the caring arms of her caretaker and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma.”

Ndakasi’s legacy will certainly live on, and the efforts of the kind staff who gave her a 2nd opportunity at life will continue.