Great White Leaps from the Water to Capture This Bird in Wild Video

Great White Leaps from the Water to Capture This Bird in Wild Video

When you get on a shark tour out of Port Lincoln, Australia, you expect to see sharks. A shark fin swirling around wouldn’t be a huge shock because that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

However what onlookers really did not expect to witness this day as they were out on trip with Calypso Star Charters is the shocking time when a great white shark lunges out of the water to feast on an unsuspecting petrel bird.

The video opens up with a shot of the water and some rocky land off in the distance. Shark fins can be seen looking out of the water on the facility left of the camera frame, several yards from a petrel bird that’s drifting atop the water.

As the shark comes close to the bird (which has obviously been enjoying a few pieces of tuna used as shark bait), the bird notices and flies off a few feet away, its feet pitter-pattering on the water.

The group can be listened to murmuring in the background as the shark comes close to the bird. They’re unsure if the great white might attack– however they simply maintain their eyes glued to the scene. They let out a couple of laughs and giggles as they see just how the petrel bird nonchalantly escapes.

The shark turns around and heads back for the bird and a guy behind the camera can be listened to tsking, recognizing that the bird is still at risk. Once more, the bird spots the shark and flies a little bit higher and a bit more away this time to keep itself safe.

The video reduces to one more time of the exact same scene– the petrel bird is enjoying itself, floating on the water, dealing with to the right. From behind the bird, you can see the great white launch toward the bird as spectators bellow in shock.

Commotion can be seen in the water but it’s not apparent yet what has happened. As you see the shark’s tail splash right into the water, you can construct the wings of the bird, simply above the splashes. It’s trying to fly away but it appears the shark has handled to catch its legs between its powerful jaws.

The bird continues to struggle as the group murmurs and shouts in disbelief. The video cuts again to a scene where the bird is better to the boat and some chum appears to be gliding along the water connected to a string simply before the boat.

Unexpectedly, the great white shark lunges out of the water– as if in a scene out of a movie– its mouth gaping open, prepared to take the bird in one fell swoop. It is successful and the shark can be seen chomping down on the bird, with the bird’s wing hanging out of the shark’s mouth.

The shark dives back right into the water with bird and all as the crowd exclaims in shock, enjoyment, and scary. A big splash can be seen and listened to as the shark swims far from the watercraft. Onlookers return to gratified, animated expressions as they refine the shocking moment they just witnessed.