Grizzly Bear 'Super Mother' Gives Birth To Her 17th Cub Despite Her Old Age

Grizzly Bear ‘Super Mother’ Gives Birth To Her 17th Cub Despite Her Old Age

A grizzly bear extremely mother who found fame for showing off her cubs to tourists at the roadside has given birth to her 17th baby.

The wild grizzly that lives in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming is still creating cubs, also at her grand age of 24 years of ages.

A grizzly bear super mother famous for showing tourists her cubs at the roadside has given birth to her 17th baby despite her old age

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In the wild, grizzlies just live long previous 26 years, but that hasn’t quit this super mother from birthing a litter of four cubs.

” We weren’t sure if she would have cubs once again in her advanced age, let alone 4, which is extremely unusual.”

” We were shocked when we heard the information that she had 4 cubs, it seemed like her way of showing us wrong.”

Kate is a photographer at the park and says she has fallen in love with bears altogether.

” She often grazes in meadows near the road, which gives an excellent opportunity for people to get a little glimpse right into the life of a wild bear.”

She said despite 399’s love of places near people she was still very much a wild bear and shouldn’t be approached, especially with her cubs

” Female bears in national parks will certainly frequently increase their cubs near the roadside as it is believed they use people for protection from dangers such as male grizzlies who threaten the cubs.”

Kate and Adam, who are originally from Minnesota, live fulltime in their very own van home so they can be near to the pets and park they love a lot

Grizzly 399’s first heading appearance was in 2011 when she and her then five-year-old daughter both started to raise cubs in the same area.

This is believed to be a first of its kind behavior as the daughter adopted among 399’s cubs and raised it successfully herself.