Hawk Simply Can Not Understand Why This 'Duck' Isn't Afraid Of Him

Hawk Simply Can Not Understand Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of Him

I bet this spectacular hawk never ever expected to have his role as apex predator to ever be challenged

But then he certainly met his match.

One day, the hawk was out looking for a meal when he spotted something he can not resist …

Would certainly you think it, there was actually a resting duck resting on the grass, seemingly unaware of the starving hawk’s appearance.

What the hawk was not quick to realize, was that this resting duck remained in fact a fake, a phony, a decoy, and it would not be so easily intimidating.

The completely confused hawk tried, for several tense minutes, to overpower and conquer the unflappable duck.

Every now and again, the mighty hawk would certainly also stop and look around to make sure that this was in fact real.

He could just not figure out why the duck wasn’t submitting, and much more so, just how it was so strong!

Not long after, the Hawk quit and flew away, with an empty stomach!