He Laid Dying, Stuck On Side Of Road But Quickly His Past Would No More Haunt Him

He Laid Dying, Stuck On Side Of Road But Quickly His Past Would No More Haunt Him

Alex was ready to give up. He was seriously emaciated, dehydrated, exhausted, and had wounds on his body filled with maggots.

And the most awful component was he was stuck in a remote place on the side of a road, without any way of having the ability to run away on his very own. He was wearing a collar with a long chain, which is how he obtained stuck. To make matters worse, he could not be seen from the road. The odds of him being rescued in time were slim to none.

But little did he recognize, his life was about to get a lot better and his past would no longer haunt him.

An individual called Alex (whom Alex the pup is called after), spotted the fading puppy when he was cleaning the area. He instantly called Feed Friends Foundation, a local animal rescue, for help.

They agreed to take him in and found an excellent foster in Alle Hadoc to care for him as he healed both physically and mentally.

His road to recovery would be long and arduous, but Alex nor his team of supporters would give up.

While living at his foster, he met new canines and kitties that showed him the ropes and helped him along the way. Alex was such a wonderful dog and loved everyone and animal he met.

As time took place, Alex began to heal in and out. The wound on his body recovered, therefore did the one on his heart.

When he was completely recovered, he found a loving forever home where he is currently enjoying his 2nd possibility at life!

See his rescue and transformation in the video below:.