Heartbroken Dog Does Not Understand Why His Family Didn't Want Him Anymore

Heartbroken Dog Does Not Understand Why His Family Didn’t Want Him Anymore

One thing that never fails to confuse me are individuals that don’t think animals have feelings. Um, hi! Obviously, they have sensations! Animals are sentient beings capable of the exact same emotional reactions as people.

Another thing that upsets me is when people use the “they’re simply animals” argument to justify leaving a pet like it’s a stack of old clothes bound for the second hand shop. Despite pets being animals it still does not remove the fact they deserve to be treated with the same love and also respect you ‘d show a human.

Unfortunately, not everybody is an animal fan that shares my sights, which is why we wind up with animal sanctuaries brimming with left pets– all that have a tragic story to inform of just how they wound up there. But perhaps among one of the most notable of these sad tales was the one of Blue.

Image Credits: Jennifer McKay/The Dodo

Blue was a pit bull who was rejected by his family and dropped off at their local high-kill sanctuary. The devastated pooch desired nothing more than to be with his family, however they didn’t desire him anymore. They remained in the process of moving and just saw the puppy as a burden.

Image Credits: Jennifer McKay/The Dodo

Blue was gutted after being dumped at the shelter, alone and scared. He cried for his family. Actually wept. Shelter staff kept in mind that the dejected canine had tear streaks in his eyes, and he was whining inconsolably for the family that left him. Despite everyone’s best shots it was impossible to comfort Blue.

Image Credits: Jennifer McKay/The Dodo

Nothing appeared to function. They attempted speaking to Blue. He was given delicious treats. Workers spent extra time with him. Yet nothing was appearing. Staff feared that he ‘d been heartbroken beyond repair. Not knowing what else to do, the sanctuary team went online to post regarding Blue’s sad tale on Facebook. They hoped that maybe if he had a brand-new residence with people that cared about him it would certainly bring him out of his depression.

Thankfully Jennifer McKay was online and saw the post. As quickly as she saw Blue’s long face and crying eyes, she knew she had to embrace him. Her heart was made him and she simply wanted to make his discomfort go away. McKay adopted Blue and provided him a second chance.

There were a great deal of people that had great deals to claim regarding Blue’s tale online. Many animal lovers weighed in with their ideas in the remarks section.

A single person composed, “OMG … this just breaks my heart. His family needs to repent of themselves. Thank God he has been adopted. Hope they ruin him with hugs and also kisses daily.”

One more user published what we were probably all thinking, “People that discarded a canine with little idea most likely should not have pets! Pets are a commitment for the life of the pet. His tears and crying broke my heart yet so happy he has a caring forever home!”

After his fostering, it took some time for Blue to overcome the trauma of being deserted. In time with a great deal of love and treatment, Blue became able to trust once again. In the end, it was the power of love that overcame the ruthlessness of desertion.