Here's What I Think of Animals Do When We Aren't Appearing (30 Photos)

Here’s What I Think of Animals Do When We Aren’t Appearing (30 Photos)

My name is Julien Tabet, and also I spent 3 years attempting to think of just how different and funny life could be in the animal life. I like to think that animals act the way I explain them when we aren’t looking.

I never ever imagined doing such a series of photos. Still, in October 2017, when I published one of my first photo adjustments of a pet cat under the sea (Hidden) on Instagram, and it went viral, people asked me to discover this idea with other animals.

So that’s what I did, and below’s the result.

All my art work are made with Photoshop, which I think is one of our generation’s most effective creative devices.

Inspired by the biggest, such as Magritte or Dali, I have constantly loved the artistic movement of surrealism, and it was the best method to share my concepts through my art.

My inspirations originate from all over. From the surrealist activity, of course, but also from other Photoshop artists that I love such as Luisa Azevedo or Marcel Van Luits.

However I think that my greatest source of ideas is to observe what surrounds me. I ask myself a lot of questions, and I always attempt to create my own response prior to mosting likely to look for those who recognize. I think this is a fantastic recap of my job: a mix between naivety and also interest.

What I exist to you today mistake solution to questions I have asked myself. A very good example is my visual of the zebra (Liberty) with its black red stripes producing wings. It was only afterwards I found that science showed that the stripes are actually white.