Homeless Puppy Wanted A Home So Terribly, He 'd Follow People Home

Homeless Puppy Wanted A Home So Terribly, He ‘d Follow People Home

South Africa, unfortunately, has a big homeless dog population. A group of dog lovers wished to aid as many homeless pups as they can so they began the “Dogbox Project.” They aid companies throughout the area by setting up kennels and distributing food and blankets.

Sadly, homeless canines in South Africa are used to sleeping in the cold but things will get better for them, As the Dropbox volunteers were out and about doing their thing, they satisfied a friendly stray puppy. Many strays were quite timid for obvious reasons however not this dog! He started to follow them and wouldn’t stop. The volunteers realized the puppy would certainly follow anyone who respected him since he was desperate for a home. How heartbreaking!

They called the wonderful puppy Scribble. Scribble walked with an apparent limp. When he was assessed by a veterinarian, she identified that Scribble was probably kicked by a human. All since Scribble suched as to follow people closely, looking for a home. Had he “annoyed” someone that had a cold heart? Luckily, Scribble’s leg would heal just fine however Sidewalk Specials had some job to do to make his life complete. They took him in and introduced him to the folks at the Hills Nutrition and the Expresso Morning Show.

The show featured the adorable puppy so that he, and various other dogs for adoption at Sidewalk Specials, can find their happily ever after. Don’t all animals deserve that?

A family was seeing the show and fell in LOVE with Scribble. They knew in their hearts that this was the perfect pup for them. Now they are all together and Scribble will certainly never EVER need to deal with an unkind stranger or sleep in the cold rainfall again! Watch the entire video listed below! This story is so inspiring!