house catches fire with dog home alone complete stranger sees and runs inside

House Catches Fire With Dog Home Alone, Complete Stranger Sees And Runs Inside

Joe Loduha got on his way to a carpentry job in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, when training from his old job would be available in handy.

A previous emergency medical technician, Joe gone by a residence with smoke coming out of it. He pulled over to see what was taking place, and a neighbor claimed there was a dog inside and that they ‘d called 9-1-1. Aid was yet to show up, so he heroically took matters into his own hands.

With smoke rolling out of the rear of the home, Joe kicked down the glass and 2nd door out front and went inside to see the dog asleep on the couch.

He grabbed her and ran her outdoors to safety prior to heading back in to make sure nothing else pets or humans were inside. Soon after, the fire department showed up and extinguished the fire within the following thirty minutes.

Home Owner Patrick Otis would then arrive home to learn of the situation. He ran over to his dog, Darma, and reached out to hug the stranger that conserved her life. The house had been damaged, however nothing irreplaceable was shed.

The Red Cross of Wisconsin would organize housing for Patrick and Darma until they might return on their feet.

As for Joe Loduha, he had some glass embeded his leg from kicking down the door yet was or else fine. What a hero!