K9 will not stop kissing his partner during official Photo shoot!

K9 will not stop kissing his partner during official Photo shoot!

So lovely and funny! Those are the best kinds of pictures. His partner K-9 likes him. Dogs recognize who’s a good person and that’s not. So wonderful …!

It’s true love … ❤.

The officer and his canine are members of Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) police. Recently sat to position for an official photo shoot– but, instead of being professional, the doggie took it as a perfect opportunity for some serious cuddles.

[ Policeman Knach] and Kenobi constantly train for the unfavorable circumstances of locating (missing) persons, locating evidence from criminal activity, and detecting (illegally) taken wild animals. With each other they are going after the bad guys! What a gorgeous partnership, K9 and officer!

Great pictures this is what you call unconditional Love and devotion. ❤.

Kenobi truly likes his partner and policeman Knach loves him too.
You are a fantastic person and your dog is informing you that. Thank you for all you provide for everyone!.

Animals sense great hearted individuals … they are simply naturally real, honest & true to the things they love! Love that! ♥ ♥.

As you can see this dog likes his partner and his proprietor cause he truly pleased. ❤.

May god bless you both and keeping us safe assists me rest well in the evening ❤.