Lady Leaves Her Dog In The Car On A Hot Day, Confronts Those Who Tried To Help

” This lady left her dog in the vehicle on a 90 degree day outside for over 35 minutes (when we noticed the dog). Cops were called but did not show.

I believe in the situation we were nice enough to her. That vehicle was a stove prior to the door was opened and also hotter prior to that. DONT LEAVE YOU ANIMALS UNATTENDED IN A WARM VEHICLE! they heat up 3-5 times faster than people do.

The vet claimed that dog would have been dead if left in the oven … i mean vehicle for a hr at that heat. Must has been 120-140. This happened around 2pm in the daytime, the shade was only on half the vehicle when she arrived.”

It’s so depressing that this keeps happening. It’s so extremely dangerous to leave dogs alone in vehicles when it is warm exterior. This lady didn’t appear to understand the extent of it, so all we can do is try to continue to get the word out and educate people.