Locals See Truck Filled With Dogs Heading To A Meat Farm And Follow To Intervene

Locals See Truck Filled With Dogs Heading To A Meat Farm And Follow To Intervene

There’s nothing much better than a great rescue tale, and this is one of the biggest ones yet. And there’s a little surprise at the end.

Locals saw this cargo truck packed full of canines going by and also knew exactly where it was heading. So they began following …

The canines not did anything wrong however were on their way to an unthinkable end.

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They were being taken to a dog meat festival in the Jilin province of northeastern China.

The locals could not sit back and let it happen, so they required to social networks and informed animal rights groups to spread the word.

A group was assembled and also they followed the truck until authorities could arrive.

The 300 dogs aboard the truck were about to be tortured and killed because of an ill, outdated tradition. But thankfully, these heroes intervened.

The truck was pulled over and the proprietor could not offer legitimate quarantine and vaccination certifications, so the dogs were turned over to the police!

To include in the event’s unthinkable information, it’s presumed that some of the canines in the meat profession are stolen from happy homes. Just sickening.

No one wants to think of the despicable points these canines would certainly’ve gone through, and also currently we don’t need to.

And for an incredible shock, one dog gave birth while rescuers were unloading the truck!

All of the dogs (and newborn pups!) are now safe thanks to the incredible work of everyone included. And also it all began keeping that first call to action.

Sometimes all it takes is a group of people that care.