Lost Dog Steps Off The Airplane To The Family She Hasn't Seen In 2 Years

Lost Dog Steps Off The Airplane To The Family She Hasn’t Seen In 2 Years

Gregory and Victoria Hudler, both veterans, obtained an emotional support dog called Jodie. And when it came time to bring their first child right into the globe, they left Jodie in the temporary care of a family member.

But that family member sold the dog off without their approval. The couple invested the following two years seriously searching for their pet.

When the Hudlers got a phone call from a Tennessee sanctuary, they were ecstatic. The team was able to recognize Jodie through her microchip, but no one knows how she ended up at this shelter.

An organization that flies pets from disaster areas and overcrowded shelters called Wings of Rescue stepped up to help rejoin Jodie with her mother and father. Jodie made the journey with 130 various other canines to her humans in New Jacket!

The plane landed, and the get-together will being. See it in the video below!.